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Day 1 Symfony Live

View Word/Powerpoint/Excel docs in browser window.

So apparently Microsoft has this tool that lets you do this. Its pretty cool, all you do is put in the url and it gives you a link that you can use on your site which will let you view the file on website without having to convert it to a pdf.

So basically link it as follows:<Document Location>

Viola! Who knew it was so simple. I had been trying to find a drupal module that would let us do this. But this is just so simple. (as long as you don’t mind the Microsoft branding on the page)

My gripe with the iPhone 6

So this was the first time I was an early adopter of an iPhone, I have always been the one to wait a couple of months to get my phone. This time I pre-ordered and got it on 9/19 and I was super excited, but it was a bit of a let down.

I have what one might call regular sized female hands (not petite no), this phone is just too big for it. My hand hurts, I kid you not, really hurts from trying to reach the far corner of the giant phone. I don’t even have the iPhone 6+ just the regular 6. Reaching the end of the screen or accessing the newly place power button is like doing hand gymnastics and it can be challenging. 

This phone is perfect for people with man hands, or who would like to use both hands. Apple first you give us a phone which is easy to use with one hand. for the last however many version of the iPhone, I have been spoilt that I can do whatever it is I want with one hand, which is a NYC commuters dream. But no more… no more. Now its an RSI inducing piece of halibut, it only plus side is it doesn’t smell like fish.

Malai Chicken Hot Dog

Gotta try this one! Yum looks good

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4th of July fireworks

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